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Time to get off the linear perspective of yoga on the mat and start explore mobility with your body in this yoga, mobility and movement class. A fusion of movement with calisthenics, contemporary dance floorwork and hip mobility. Taking this class will help build a strong body and less experience with tight hips and glutes.   

Eugene (Bear)
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Arm Balances


Bodyweight Exercises

Core Conditioning 

Handstand Conditioning 101 


A summary of what I do that involves art, dance, yoga, fitness, and, performance.


A Little About Me

Hello, my name is Eugene and my nickname is Bear. I'm a certified Yoga instructor. I'm an artist, dancer, acrobat, and I love doing arm balances.  Also, I have experience in calisthenics, locomotion exercises, and static handstand alignment. 

I started from having no acrobatic or athletic background to now having the ability to use these skill sets to help others.  I started dance at 18, fitness at 22 and yoga at 26. It took me some time to understand the mechanics, terminology, and history behind each discipline.  I'm able to give my knowledge, energy, and love to help others. 


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Atlanta, GA


Instagram: @bgene903

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