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online yoga arm balance courses are now available 

Learn all the arm balances or take your game to the next level with these courses.

- Preparation work
- Yoga poses prep before arm balancing 
- Step by step video library
- Downloadable PDF template 
- Extra content such as core exercises along with beginner handstands and breakdance course tutorials

Optional: Virtual Coaching 


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Eugene (Bear)
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Online Yoga Arm Balancing Courses 











Arm Balances


Bodyweight Exercises

Core Conditioning 

Handstand Conditioning 101 


A summary of what I do that involves art, dance, yoga, fitness, and, performance.


A Little About Me

Hello, my name is Eugene and my nickname is Bear. I'm a 200hr RYT certified yoga instructor in Atlanta, GA.  I'm an artist, dancer, breakdancer/bboy, acrobat, and I love doing arm balances especially handstands. 


I have a Bachelor degree in Studio Art from Georgia State University.  I'm CPR/AED certified too. Also, I have experience teaching calisthenics, locomotion exercises, and freestanding handstand alignment. 

I started from having no acrobatic or athletic background to now having the ability to use these skill sets to help others.  I started dance at 18, fitness at 22, flexibility training at 23 and yoga at 26. It took me some time to understand the mechanics, terminology, and history behind each discipline.  I'm able to give my knowledge, energy, and love to help others. 


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