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Get in those push-ups and triceps exercises to help improve Handstand extension and OAHs!

My handstand training has been progressing pretty well so far in 2021. I've been working on OAH handstand and OAH air-baby (crow). In order to get there I have to work on OAH preparation work, so I've some up what I need to gain the skill. Listening to podcasts, reading articles, DM questions a professional on IG, virtual private with an ex-gymnast who has OAHs, researching and YouTube I narrowed it to three phases for now.

Phase 1:

-more handstand wall work

-legs shapes efficiency

-straddle press handstand

-stabilization in the shoulders, lats, traps, and pectorials muscles

Phase 2:

-weight transfer with the hands and shoulder

-weight transfer on handstand block on the wall

-deep straddle pendulum toe touch (think cartwheel but slow)

-understand and find where my sacrum is stacked on spine to shoulder alignment

-shifting to fingertip and hold

-drills drills, and more drills before Phase 3

However, those preparation phases will change as I train and understand more about the OAHs.

Along handstand training, I'm still working on achieving goals to get one arm flying crow aka Air-baby, and basic windmills. I feel pretty accomplished as I'm consistently practicing at least 3-5 times a week for at least 1 hour and 30 minutes. I pack an evening snack which is a peanut butter sandwich, a gala apple, raw broccoli, and tall ass water bottle. I get my nutrients on the ride home from my day job teaching and counseling at school before I train. I eat dinner later which is not typically the yoga way but I've see the results of my training progression so I will continue with my routine. I realized sometimes you have to make what it is your passionate about into a lifestyle and make sacrifices until you achieve your goals. Afterwards, I will return back to a more normal dinner time.

Last month I've started to incorporate more and pull and push exercises for my muscles and joints. One example is working 10 reps of out 3 sets on doing overhead triceps extensions, kickbacks and bicep curls with my 15 pound dumbbell for my pull contraction exercise. I'm back doing some pushing exercises such as Push- Ups, L-Sit and Tuck Planche dips on my handstand blocks. I realized I've been slacking on building my biceps and triceps muscle strength and focus more on muscles activation and forearm strength. Sometimes going old school such as push ups is all you need to build strength. I cranked up the tunes and make it fun rather than a chore. It helped improve my handstand training. I noticed my handstands upper back muscle and shoulder extension improved a great deal. It felt easier pushing my shoulders up to my ears and more shoulder stability in my handstand shape. I've applied this training to help work on my stabbed windmills (breakin' aka breakdance-power move) going clockwise which resulted in my form looking more clean and consistent. I slowly reaching toward my goals and chasing my goals.

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